Construction Building polished /galvaized Steel Nails

Short Description:

Hardware Fastener Electro Galvanized Steel Concrete Nails

  • Steel Iron Roof Roofing  Constrution Building Nails
  • Material: 55# High carbon steel.
  • Material model: High carbon steel.
  • Hardness: > HRC 50°.
  • Head: round, oval, headless.
  • Head diameter: 0.051″ – 0.472″.
  • Shank type: smooth, straight fluted, twilled fluted.
  • Shank Diameter: 5–20 gauge.
  • Length: 0.5″ – 10″.
  • Point: diamond or blunt.
  • Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized, blank zinc coated.
  • Package
    • 25 kg/carton.
    • Small packing: 1/1.5/2/3/5 kg/box.

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Sinsun Fastener can Produce and spply :

Roofing Nails, U Type Nail, Lead Head Nails, Duplex Head Nails,Concrete Nails, Box Nails, Common nails

Square Boat Nails, Lost Head Nails, Box Nails, Thread Steel Nails, Copper Nails, 

Coil Nails, Shot Nails, Blind Nails etc.

All the product quality are under strict controll and offer good service.

Our produts now are known by lots of our domestic customers and oversea clients.

    ST Series Concrete Nail ST15 ST18 ST25

         ST32 ST38 ST45 ST50 ST64

      Black&Galvanized Steel Concrete Nails

           Fluted Shank & Twist Shank

            Galvanized Coil Roofing Nails

          Smooth Shank & Twisted Shank

        Polished Common Nails


        Roofing Nails  Umbrella Head

          Rubber or Plastic Washers

High-strength Steel Drive Pins Shooting Nails

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